Grandmother's Footsteps

Continuing the journey which began with looselink in 2005 and orbit in 2007, Material Woman plans to mark becoming a grandmother with another walk. This time the journey will link the people she visited at the end of her trip in 2005 (Pat & Tony Hill) to a string of other grandparents. The journey starts about 20 May 2009.

With the earlier structure of looselink as a guide, she will ask Pat and Tony to give her a messidge or gift to a first-time grandmother and/or grandfather who is a friend of theirs - but unknown to her. This 'nominated' grandparent will then send her on to a third, and so on.  The intention is to explore the range of feelings that go with becoming, and being, a grandparent by using a mixiture of the old and new communication technologies out there on the road (with a bus pass!)

As before the emphasis will be on the physical journey and the carrying of the messidge, but you can connect here to twitter pages to follow her electronically till she returns.

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