curtains   2003
The Taxi Gallery, Cambridge

A three-week-long, day and night performance of ardent housekeeping and spacious travel!

This project involved collaborations with many different people: Kirsten Lavers is the artist/curator of the taxi gallery which is sited in her front garden and her role as facilitator/neighbour/webcam operator was crucial; Hugo Danino, who drives a London taxi, highlighted the driver/passenger divide; Anna Grimshaw gave the project another layer by filming the performance with an ethnographer's eye; and about fifty people responded to my request for material out of which I made curtains for each of the taxi's windows.

Adopting the persona of Material Woman, and using the traditional skills of sewing and of sleeping curled up, I transformed the taxi into a temporary home and myself into a princess! Three separate films with each of the three collaborators are in the making.

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