ceramics | imagined corners | material woman


how do women walk

between me and my sister

open end

dry tears

coming round again

things not worth keeping

still alive

weeping woman

give me a call

blue moon

imagined corners

below the surface









how do women walk?  1992 Cambridge Darkroom

This was the first time that I used photography in a show. It was also the first use of texts and music of other artists to create an installation. It was the beginning of my playing up the tactile qualities of photographs and later of videotape. AND it was the first work that derived from my walking and sleeping out.

44 doubled slides projected to create eleven foot high images of a giant woman in man-made and natural landscapes, shown in a large darkened space; extracts from 'The Expedition to the Baobab Tree' by Wilma Stockenstrom trans. J.M. Coetzee [1983] which could be read only while walking very close to the walls of the space; and audiotape of the drumming sections of 'Sarah is ninety years old' by Aarvo Part.

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