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how do women walk

between me and my sister

open end

dry tears

coming round again

things not worth keeping

still alive

weeping woman

give me a call

blue moon

imagined corners

below the surface







still alive  2000 cambridge open studios

An example of an installation, strongly autobiographical, which invited an active engagement from the viewer. This was a work-in -progress provoked by the experience of being alongside my father who is weak now in body and mind.
A figure “drawn” in shards of porcelain clay lies on a red sheet. Beside the bed, a red chair waits. Under the bed, face downwards, a set of cards made up of twenty two pairs of recent photographs of my father, is ready for a game of pelmanism, a game that tests the memory. At the foot of the bed hangs a clipboard like a hospital chart where visitors record their experience of sitting in the chair or playing the game.
The figure made of clay shards subsequently became, after my father's death, the figure being buried in the video Below the Surface.

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