ceramics | imagined corners | material woman


how do women walk

between me and my sister

open end

dry tears

coming round again

things not worth keeping

still alive

weeping woman

give me a call

blue moon

imagined corners

below the surface








open end  1994  Banff Center for the Arts, Canada

The first live performance, a celebration of my mother who had died earlier that year aged eighty five. A friend in the woodwork department in Banff helped me make a “coffin” on wheels which was filled with 85 clay spheres floating in milk. During the performance I very slowly pushed the coffin across a landing space and into a lift. As this was happening the milk began to disappear and blood started to drip from below the coffin onto my overalls which I had taken off and put underneath. Some of the time I was wearing my mother's petticoat. The next day I laid out the spheres in a “grave” shape in the cemetery. Later the spheres were dispersed among the international group of artists and musicians who were at Banff with me.

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