Since the Greenham Common Peace Walks of the 1980's, I have been making long journeys on foot. I began giving workshops on the themes of travelling light and making temporary shelter. Gradually the journeys turned into extended performances which feature an amalgam of old and new technologies and ceremonials. (See curtains, looselink and orbit.) The umbrella has from the start had a significant part to play and I rather hope this website will be like an umbrella, sheltering me and anyone else who, after looking round the site, may want to collaborate or propose work on these themes. (See arts awards, on the home page)

  One of my first huts was my workshop which I found in 1975. What had been the village cricket pavilion was now beginning to rot, many of the windows were broken and the martins were nesting inside. I negotiated a one year lease and temporary change of use and went on like that, hand-to-mouth for many years. I enjoyed the precariousness; the low overheads were what made it possible for me to live by my work; and I felt at ease in the ramshackle place.
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I spent the winter 1983/4 in a converted hut in Broadwood Kelly, Devon, indulging my passion for clunch and corrugated iron. Since 2002, with the help of my sons, Tom, who knows how to build, and Max, who has enough space on his farm in Cornwall, I have been building a hut of my own. It is the house of my childhood dreams.